Overton County Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS)

FCS Educational programs focus on strengthening individuals, families and communities by addressing critical issues and needs, such as teaching parenting skills, improving nutrition and health, managing family finances, addressing child care needs, and others.
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Canning Class
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Get some info on upcoming canning and food preservation classes!
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FCE Scholarship Application
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FCE Scholarship Application
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Co-Parenting Education
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Parenting Apart – an educational program for divorcing parents. This program was mandated by the Tennessee State Legislature in January 2001.
Pay For Programs
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Some of our programs have fees. Pay online here.

Join a Club
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Family & Community Education clubs promote a better way of life for all through fellowship, continuing education and better service to the community.
TNCEP Classes
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Meet Becky Smith and learn how she helps people across Overton County stay healthy on a budget.
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Learn about diabetes prevention or how to better manage your diabetes by signing up for a class.
A Matter of Balance
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Learn more about staying active and reducing fall risk factors by joining these free online sessions.

Contact Information

Christina Swallows Profile Page
Christina Swallows
Ext Agent III & Co Dir, Overton County
Responsible Area(s)
Family and Consumer Sciences, Executive/Administrative
Becky Smith Profile Page
Becky Smith
Ext Program Assistant II, Overton County
Responsible Area(s)
Family and Consumer Sciences