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Overton County 4-H is the youth development organization of the University of Tennessee. Involvement in 4-H encourages diverse groups of youth to develop unique talents and skills to the highest potential. Youth are given opportunities to participate in the 4-H through involvement in after-school programs, clubs, camps, and much more. “Learning by doing” through hands-on activities and community involvement empowers 4-H’ers to develop and strengthen life skills.

All Overton County 4-H Programs are designed to impact one or more of the five basic competency areas which define the range of behaviors and skills identified as essential for adult success. These life skills include Health/ Physical, Personal/ Social, Cognitive/ Creative, Vocational, and Citizenship/ Ethics.

We are excited for your 4-H member to join!

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Figure out which club you should join!
Shooting Sports
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Join Overton County 4-H Shooting Sports and be among the best in the state!
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Learn about wildlife and their habitat.
Horse Club
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Get our Horse Club Flyer!
In School 4-H Clubs
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Learn about 4-H clubs happening at each school in Overton County
Poultry Project
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The Chick Chain and Poultry Judging are two of our most popular projects. Learn more here!
Fashion Contests
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TN 4-H has two fashion contests! Learn the details about it here!
Honor Club
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Have a 6th-12th grader? They would benefit from the leadership skills and service work gained in this club. Learn more here!
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If you have a student going into 10th grade, check out Leadership Overton Youth Academy!
Livestock Club
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Learn about sheep, cattle, goats, and swine in Livestock Club.
4-H Project Areas
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A meaningful 4-H experience includes picking a project area. Learn how to get started today.
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Start your high schooler's 4-H experience in an amazing way by meeting youth across the Southeast!

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Alyssa Ann Anderson Profile Page
Alyssa Ann Anderson
FR-Tsu-Extension Agent I, Overton County
Responsible Area(s)
4-H Youth Development
Nicole Marrero Profile Page
Nicole Marrero
Extension Agent II, Overton County
Responsible Area(s)
4-H Youth Development